Real Estate Intranet Platform

“We serve users, not use servers”

DataFree’d is pleased to offer an intranet for the Real Estate market that was built by professionals with experience in both Real Estate brokerage management and application development for a board of Realtors and an MLS, resulting in an organically derived tool purpose built for Real Estate professionals.  Our intranet solves many of the issues that small groups do manually, that medium groups build custom software to handle and that large groups pay high rates to gain access to.  It gives greater insight into data, faster updates, is more responsive while allowing everyone to communicate, collaborate and be productive so they can focus on the day to day tasks rather than the technology.  Our PaaS architecture allows for us to serve users and not use servers and as a result of this design achieve unmatched reliability, resiliency and security.

In-depth look

Rather than building a stand-alone intranet that has other solutions point to one another, a back end platform was designed first to be designated as the rules driven authority.  This allows for the standardization of data processing and provides a stable distribution of shared data between different tools, multiple MLS’ and results in a consistent agent and staff experience.  Our bottom up approach of first building a secure and flexible foundation versus a spider web or modular pieced solution came from looking at and evaluating available intranets on the market.  The initial step of first building a platform follows best practice in software development by separating display, function and data layers.  The platform is best thought of as an enabling technology and functions fundamentally differently than most intranets currently available.

Our platform was built anticipating that changes in the market, modifications to existing 3rd party products and new tools that may not exist yet will need a central location to filter, validate and collaborate data sharing.  Our platform takes a high level approach allowing brokerages to have the flexibility of picking vendor solutions of their choice with the confidence they will connect and properly function with an intranet that is truly vendor agnostic.  

Broker’s existing tools, in-house solutions, custom plugins from DataFree’d as well as solutions on the market are available for brokerages and agents to use on our platform. This eliminates vendor finger pointing by clearly defining roles & responsibilities and provides clear visibility in the event one party does not meet their obligations.  The result is a great agent and staff experience that provides a single pane of glass to reach all the tools and information necessary in a day’s work. 

Simple and Powerful

The interface was designed to provide even tech challenged agents and employees with a simple and self intuitive experience.  Development came from shortfalls of products available on the market from website and development companies that have not worked a day in a broker’s nor agent’s shoes.  Vast, complex programs with endless features are easy to make and market without significant user adoption resulting in wasted money and resources.  Our Intranet came about from years of combined Real Estate experience, industry knowledge and market needs not being met by currently available products.  It is powered by a behind the scenes platform which was the proactive architecture on how to deal with problems we had seen with other intranets.  Time and planning was taken to capture all of the business needs while also remaining easy and simple to use to maximize adoption.

Our subscription service, which is a fraction of the price when compared to other products on the market,  includes in person and remote training for users.  Our tool also provides insight to individual usage so brokers are able to see agent, office or group activity, projected business and an accurate picture of agent and staff adoption within the company.  Custom configuration, complete branding including the domain name of the intranet is also available, and the full use of the backend API platform is included to provide Broker’s the ability to access the entire platform and integrate other systems seamlessly.

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