From Layer 1 to Layer 7

We Are Intelligence At Work

About Our Company

Datafreed was created in 2018 from the need to interface customers and complex technologies through dedicated personnel.  Our founders were also weary of the unappealing trends present in corporate work environments and decided to do something about it – a modernized work-life balance and culture was needed.  One-on-one attention and communication with customers was required.  An employee owned business model was established to make sure everyone had a stake in the work they were doing.  A dispersed group of specialized technology engineers, advocates and tinkerers decided to band together and throw out the big centralized office.  Engineering and new ideas were given free reign to develop solutions and explore unconventional ways of solving problems.  Credit and compensation for new software, business ideas or methodologies were rightfully given to the individual employee.  Out of both customer and employee needs, Datafreed was born.  

Our business model came about in unorthodox fashion and is different from typical tech companies.  We compensate and incentivize communication and collaboration between people in technology.  As such our customers appreciate the generous time we take with them, the development of custom products, and understand what we value as important.

Company mission, reputation, and relationship with employees is becoming just as important as the products they sell.  We believe that growth of individual employees, a focus on ideas and emphasis on quality will provide for a more valuable relationship between people and technology.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that individuals are what makes the company, and that despite increasing sophistication and advancement in technology, in-person human to human interaction and interpersonal relationships are foundational, irreplaceable and inseparable to being human and the pursuit of purpose in life.  As such we decided to venture into an abstract business model, rewarding employees additionally for their communications, relationships and innovation to incentivize the importance of human relationships in technology.  Reversing the priorities from the company first to the employee first allows us to empower individuals, individual rights and individual responsibility.  It is also in the company’s best interest to do so.  As such there are no sales quotas and instead metrics that reinforce the importance of human to human communication and collaboration at Datafreed.  Datafreed is an employee owned IT company.  

We continually look to innovate and change how business is done in the IT world.  Our employees are what separates us from the competition.