Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and so are the ethical and moral implications that come with it.  

Our mission is to make responsible technology development and use a standard principal in the IT industry.  We will provide customers, employees and communities the technology products that make their work efficient, secure, and meaningful while placing an emphasis on the developmental integrity behind the technology.  Our goal is to have people expect their technology products to come from sources that are accountable, invite third party oversight, and are thinking about the long term implications of its use.

As this expectation is adopted, we will look to harness responsible technology innovation and use it appropriately to lessen the suffering of human beings.  To do this, there needs to be both an embracement and constant debate on the application of new technology as it is developed.  We believe in empowering future generations through education and understanding of technology so that they can become self-sufficient, individually thinking, responsible members of society who can then have the ability and means to address these problems directly.  We see innovation in technology as both a threat if not understood and applied appropriately and an opportunity to make for a freer and more comfortable life.  Therefore we believe ongoing technology innovation must be handled with a culture of ongoing education and debate.   A balance of responsible development and culture of continuous informed debate are the only way to achieve the technology’s end goal and to keep from wandering into unintended use.